Salzburg, may seem to be ahead of us in fitness and co-ordination since they have played together for many days, and may be, they came out to play this particular game as if there lives depended on it. To our argud-eyed fans who will tell you that, that was the story last season and the season before that. Our beloved Les boss said argued if we can work well with ‘samall teams’ (Viz Salburg) then we can take the premier league cup. Our bedaud kind of playing does not pay any dividends as we are seeing now, we don’t want to hear the story of  “we could have scored 6 goals before they scored one goal” or “they defended too much’ what then on earth did anybody expect a team to do when in the pitch? Remove goal keeper? Put strikers to defend? No!! they have come to win a game, and no matter what tactics they are going to use they will have to win it at the end of the day if you as a manager can not read the game in advance and change the approach. It will be very sad if we will be fighting again for fouth position. Its not our position please! 

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ARSENAL boss Arsene Wenger is chasing Spanish prodigy Alberto Morgado. This young guy is a full back can play at left side

I have a feeling that it is a team for the future…


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